About us

Masinoprojekt KOPRING JSC. is a company in the field of construction industry, focusing its main activities to designing, planning, consulting and engineering services, with an emphasis on high-rise building projects. In 1950 it established its head office in Belgrade and in 1989 it opened its offices in Moscow, which in the meanwhile had grown into a whole company abroad.

In the field of design development, consulting and project management it is a market leader in its mother country, but it also successfully works in the region, on the territory of Russian Federation, countries of Middle East and Africa.

A company with a long tradition, throughout its history developed a large number of complex designs for a wide range of buildings from public (residential, hotel, commercial, business and buildings of particular cultural significance) to facilities for purposes of metallurgy, metal processing industry, chemical basic and processing industry, petroleum refining, non-metal mineral processing and pharmaceutical industry.

With around 250 engineers of all engineering disciplines employed full-time, Masinoprojekt is in possession of diversity in staff, comprised of expert individuals, who joining their forces, in planned time scales successfully manage to meet all the requirements the Clients put before them.

The company has kept and maintains its level and success, by still nurturing the same qualities it was based upon: in the first place its workforce, as the primary and highest value, team work, high business ethics, quality of service, dedication, open attitude towards clients, as well as willingness to exert all its efforts and means in order to realize their ideas and get their goals achieved.

In addition to numerous references, satisfied clients happily coming back with new projects, its presence in the market, the success of Masinoprojekt is also evidenced by numerous awards it received over the years, as well as the very fact that it managed to hold the leading position in its field of work over 60 years now.